Welcome to Hamley Bridge Primary School

Hamley Bridge School has a long history of almost 130 years. The first record was in 1874 when it was granted a licence. The school operated for only 119 days in its first year. The teacher Elizabeth Bell ran lessons from the chapel. The school only had 30 students, 14 boys and 16 girls. In 1880 the school was reclassified as a public school and Mr John McMahon was the schools first principal to be appointed by the Education Department.

Hamley Bridge Primary School, situated in the Gilbert Valley, recently celebrated 125 years of public education with an ethos of ‘Learning for Life with Respect and Trust’. The school has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy with a recently- appointed literacy coach employed to support student learning. Students engage in an environmental studies program that focuses on recycle/re-use, gardening, water care and climate change.

Older students participate in the ‘Water Watch’ program. Opportunities exist for individual students to extend their interests in activities such as choir, sport, art and poetry. Also, students are able to develop their leadership skills with ‘Student Voice’ committees operating in the areas of community, fundraising, sports and public speaking.

The community and fundraising groups were recognised at the inaugural ‘Vinnies Awards’ for their contribution to local community and charity groups. The school recently became an ‘Active after school communities’ site with sessions being offered twice a week.

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